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Pet Policy

We have only one room that can be pet friendly (The Studio).

We cannot make exceptions to any portion of our Pet Policy – not even for my mother.  🙂

Here is the “official” pet policy:

  1. All dogs must be pre-approved and will need to be leashed while outside of your room.
  2. Please respect our “one dog limit.” We realize that matching chihuahuas carrying a cat named Cleopatra are adorable, but we never see them when they pass through town because of our “one dog limit.”
  3. Do not leave your dog in a room alone if there is any chance of your dog feeling insecure, barking, moaning, scratching, etc. Also, if your dog is likely to feel somewhat territorial or guarded in a new environment, please protect the comfort of both your pet and our other guests by making sure your dog does not bark when other people walk through the courtyard, open/close doors, etc.
  4. The Studio is our only room that can be pet friendly.
  5. When we speak of “a pet” traveling with you, we mean “ONE DOG.” If you are traveling with cats, gerbils, goldfish, macaws, ferrets, frogs, snakes, doves, trained fleas (or any other kind of pet besides one dog) please understand that Blackstone Hotsprings is not equipped for the special needs that you or your traveling companions require.

***Reservations that involve a traveling dog cannot be booked online — email or call 575-894-0894.***

Frio, the dog, and the courtyard at Blackstone Hotsprings

Blackstone Hotsprings