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The Fine Print

Our merchant services provider requires that you use a VALID CREDIT CARD to reserve rooms online or over the phone. Debit cards may be used when you arrive, but not to book rooms.

  • We have a ONE WEEK cancellation policy for all lodging reservations. If you cancel your reservation less than 1 week prior to the reservation date and the room doesn’t rebook, you will be charged on a # of rooms per night basis. More often than not we can re-book rooms but there is no guarantee, so please remember to cancel 8 or more days out!

    If you do not receive an email confirming your cancellation, then there is no guarantee we’ve recorded it in our system and you may be charged if the room doesn’t rebook.

    If you do not receive an email confirming your cancellation, please get in touch with us ASAP.
  • Group reservations of three or more rooms are subject to a ONE MONTH cancellation policy, under the same terms as above.
  • The Studio is our only pet friendly room and prior approval is required. Please read our Pet Policy before calling to ask for pet approval.
  • We hope you will plan your trip so that you can check in before 9pm. Please call us (at 575-894-0894) if you will be arriving after 9pm. Check in begins at 3pm. At present we can not accommodate early check ins.
  • Blackstone Hotsprings is an adult retreat that is not set up for families with young children. Guests must be 12 years of age or older.
  • None of our rooms are equipped for guest meal preparation (beyond microwave items). We do stock a few dishes and cutlery, as well as coffee cups to go with the house blend coffee. If you’d like to purchase Blackstone coffee cups, they’re available for $10 in the lobby.
  • If you wish to purchase spa towels or robes, please see the lobby attendant. If we find these or any other items missing from the room after you check out, we will bill your credit card. Cost of items missing from rooms will be billed as follows:
    • shampoo, body wash, or conditioner – $10 each
    • bath towels – $20 each
    • coffee cups – $10 each
    • pillows – $25 each
    • monogrammed spa robes – $65 each
      The cost of other items that are damaged or removed from rooms during your stay will be charged to your card at our discretion
  • We do not offer daily housekeeping on multiple night stays. Please ask the attendant on duty if you need extra towels or wastebaskets emptied.
  • Our rooms are best suited for 1 or 2 people. The Golden Girls and Jetsons have hide-a-beds, which may be used for sleeping a 3rd if you are willing to pay an extra $20 per night – please let us know when you reserve! All other rooms occupancy limit is 2 people. If we find that you have more than 2 people staying in your room, you will be charged $20 per night times the number of people who exceed the limit.
  • Many of our guests appreciate the fact that Blackstone Hotsprings is fragrance free (sheets, towels, cleaning products, etc). Therefore we ask that you do not burn anything—incense, candles, or matches—in your room. Also, please be considerate of other guests when applying perfumes and cosmetics.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Blackstone property, both inside and outside. If we detect that a room has been smoked in, a $150 cleaning fee will automatically be charged to your credit card.
  • Overflow from baths due to leaving tubs unattended are subject to a $150 cleaning fee charged automatically to your credit card.
  • If you forget personal items and request that we ship them to you, we will charge a $25 handling fee to the card we have on file for you.
  • Damage to the property that is outside the course of normal wear and tear, including but not limited to rooms, fixtures, furnishings, artwork, décor, spa towels, robes, or linens will result in your credit card being charged 125% of fair replacement value or necessary cleaning cost. This includes intractable stains on linens, etc. Please bring your own towels if you plan to use hair coloring products during your stay.
  • Pet Policy violations: if we discover you have ignored our Pet Policy, you will be charged an additional $50 (minimum) per night for the duration of your stay. The charge goes up to $150 if the room needs extensive cleaning due to damage caused by pets. If the damage is irreversible, 125% of fair replacement value will be charged.
  • Our bath house closes at 9pm Monday through Thursday and at 10pm on Friday Saturday and Sunday, but a staff member is on hand to answer your calls 24/7. If you need anything after the lobby closes, please call 575-894-0894.
  • To ensure the safety of our guests and to assist in maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility at Blackstone Hotsprings, we recently installed security cameras on the property. The cameras make it possible for us to monitor and record activity 24/7/365 in the following areas: the west parking lot, the lobby, and the courtyard area. Your rooms are private, but if you’re enjoying any of the outdoor areas on our property – you may want to SMILE! because you’re on candid camera!

We accept all credit cards and cash payments
(sorry, but please no checks).
We require payment at check-in.

Your hosts: Rob and Ralph Stuart


Click HERE for printable directions

Truth or Consequences is 2 hours from the airports in either El Paso TX or Albuquerque NM. During winter months, the advantage to flying into El Paso would be to avoid potential winter weather in Albuquerque.

If you are coming from El Paso and want to break up the 2-hour drive, we suggest a stop at Sparky’s Burgers located in the World’s Chile Capitol, Hatch New Mexico (I-25 exit 41). Sparky’s serves great coffee and espresso drinks and fine barbecue, and once you’re in Hatch, they’re easy to find – just look for the oversized memorabilia (think Mama Burger, the Statue of Liberty, and a giant pink pig). Sparky’s is also on Trip Advisor, and was the subject of an El Paso Times’ article in 2011. (Closed Tues & Wed; open 10:30am-7pm Mon, Thurs, Friday and 10:30am-7:30pm Saturday.)

(For local restaurant recommendations see our “Eating and Shopping” page.)

Driving Directions:

From the NORTH (Albuquerque/Santa Fe)

  • From I-25 (heading south) take Exit 79 for Truth or Consequences.
  • The exit becomes North Date Street (bear right to Truth or Consequences)
  • Go through the light at Denny’s, and go a couple of miles to the second traffic light.
  • Go through the light at 3rd Street (please watch your speed downtown).
  • Date Street bends to the right and becomes one-way (Main Street) as you enter downtown.
  • Follow Main Street around the curve and up the hill.
  • The El Cortez Theater sign is the next landmark (on the right), which is at Main and Foch.
  • TURN LEFT at Foch Street and proceed 3 blocks to the intersection of Foch & Broadway.
  • Stay on Foch Street, which zigzags across Broadway.
  • Austin Street is the next intersection / stop sign.
  • Turn right, and our parking lot is on the left in the middle of the block.

WARNING: Online maps tell you to “turn left at Mims Street,” which is a bum steer. Mims Street doesn’t connect to the road you are on at the time, so take these directions over those!

From the South (El Paso/Las Cruces)

  • From I-25 (heading north) take Exit 75 for Williamsburg and Truth or Consequences.
  • You enter town on South Broadway Street.
  • Continue through Williamsburg a couple of miles.
  • When you see the Veteran’s Center on the right, continue down a hill and around a curve.
  • Broadway becomes one-way as you enter downtown.
  • One block past Davis Fleck Drugstore (which is at Daniels & Broadway)…
  • Turn right on Foch Street.
  • The very next stop sign is Austin. Turn right onto Austin, and our parking lot is on the left in the middle of the block. You may also park on the street.

Click HERE for printable directions

Blackstone Hotsrpings sign

Blackstone Hotsprings