Yellow Bath

1-4 occupants ~ Private, Outdoors, Submerged Bancos, Outdoor Shower, Fountain
Hourly bath price is for one or two people ~ add $10 per hour for each additional bather

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Blackstone Hotsprings, yellow bath at dusk

The Yellow Bath features 2 soaking ledges and a curved banco within the pool so bathers may enjoy multiple soaking depths. Includes an outdoor shower as well as a modern fountain for tranquil ambiance, as well as vintage Route 66 motel chairs for cooling and drying. Ambient mood lighting comes on at sunset.

The Yellow Bath can accommodate up to 4 bathers.


  • $25 per 50 minutes (walk-ins from 9am-9pm Monday through Thursday, and from 9am-10pm Friday Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 people)
  • $20 per 50 minutes (upgrade pass for lodging guests, 1-2 people) during bath house hours
  • add $10 for each additional bather
  • All bath rates include a towel and drinking water

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