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Welcome to Blackstone Hotsprings

Lodging and Hotspring Baths on a 100% Smoke-Free Property

Luxury Lodging

Theming the rooms at Blackstone Hotsprings for our favorite old TV shows seemed like a fun way to pay tribute to Truth or Consequences, the town that named itself for a radio and TV game show from the 1950s and '60s.

Each of our rooms contains a unique collection of original artworks, studio photos, and retro furnishings.

Best of all, the ten rooms on the main property - from "As The World Turns" to "Wonder Woman" - include a private in-room hotspring feature.

Wonder Woman room at Blackstone Hotsprings, Truth or Consequences
As The World Turns - a room at Blackstone Hotsprings in Truth or Consequences

Amazing Hotsprings

Until 1950, the town of Truth or Consequences was named "Hot Springs."  Our springs are fed by an enormous aquifer located underneath the downtown district. And though the name has changed, our enchanting mineral waters continue to draw hotspring enthusiasts.

T or C's water has a high mineral concentration, is crystal clear, has no unpleasant odor, and comes out of the ground at a near-perfect bathing temperature.

Blackstone's luxury baths are open for guests and walk-in bathers.

Richard D on Yelp


"Just left, and wish we could have stayed another night or three. It was so much better, so much more than we imagined."

Stan I. on Facebook


"We do a lot of traveling and I would be lying if I said we've never gone out of our way just to stay here."

Michelle R on Google


"Stress just melts away in the healing waters of the Blackstone. Stayed in our robes & never left our room!"

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