About Blackstone Hotsprings

Blackstone Hotsprings is located in the historic downtown hotspring district of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

smoke free blackstone hotsprings

Thanks to KOB TV’s “Staycation Steve” (Steve Soliz) for visiting Blackstone and airing this story in July of 2018!

gracia mitchell in the gardenOur lodging guests enjoy newly remodeled luxury accommodations. Each room on the main property comes with a custom hot spring bath (or shower, if you’re in the Twilight Zone) for unlimited in-room private soaking.

Lodging guests and walk-in bathers can use our spa — The Wet Room – a tropical paradise, with water features flowing from the hotspring for soaking, steaming, showering and massage.

Three outdoor luxury baths were added in 2017. Each one is spacious, private, and yours for 50 minutes. You may also book 2 sessions in a row for 110 minutes of private outdoor soaking and lounging. more info

Our two indoor historic baths are available as well.

The courtyard at Blackstone Hotsprings is the perfect place to sit and cool after your mineral bath. You can relax in the sun or in the shade – bring along a book and a beverage, or just sit and enjoy the landscape, which evolves through the seasons.

blackstone flowers blooming

Datura blooming in the courtyard

Blackstone Hotsprings Court Yard

The Spa at Blackstone Hotsprings is open for walk-in bathers and tours from 9am until 9pm Monday through Thursday, and 9am-10pm Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Blackstone Hotsprings