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Service Animal Information


Q: Are service animals the same as emotional support dogs?

No, service animals and emotional support animals aren’t the same. While both types of animals help people with disabilities, each is a unique classification governed by different laws. Service Animals are trained to perform specific tasks that assist a person with a disability, while emotional support animals provide emotional comfort but are not required to perform specific tasks. 

Q: Can a Service Animal be used for emotional support?

Absolutely, Service Animals can provide emotional support. In fact, many owners feel deeply emotionally connected to their Service Animal. However, to qualify as a Service Animal, the animal must perform specific tasks to help a person with a disability.

Q: Is a PTSD animal a service dog or emotional support animal?

A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) animal is a psychiatric Service Dog who is specifically trained to perform tasks associated with psychiatric disabilities. The ADA says these tasks might include safety checks or room searches, turning on lights, and helping calm their handler when they exhibit signs of stress.

Service Animals vs Emotional Support Animals 

  • Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) have different rights under the law.
  • Service Animals perform specific tasks to assist people with disabilities. ESAs provide comfort to people with disabilities mainly through their calming presence. 
  • By law, Service Animals must be allowed in public places. Public establishments have the right to deny entry to ESAs.
  • In light of new travel rules, most airlines offer special accommodations to trained service animals only. ESAs and Service Animals in training must adhere to an airline’s general pet policy.

Blackstone’s Service Animal Policies

Finally, you must agree to Blackstone Hotsprings’ Service Animal policies:

  • Service Animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while in public or outdoor areas on the Blackstone Property.
  • If a Service Animal causes damage, Blackstone Hotsprings may charge the owner for the cost to repair property following the same standards as would be applied to guests without disabilities.
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