As The World Turns

red shelf with As the World Turns bookA Note from Rob:
In my family, the organ music at noon (when As The World Turns started) meant only one thing — NAP TIME FOR THE KIDS so “Mama Oma” could “listen to her story.”

Mama Oma, my GREAT-GRANDMOTHER, listened to radio soap operas for many years, and she kept the tradition going once her “stories” moved to television.

blackstone hotsprings as the world turns

Because of the luxury king bedding, with plush pillows and a fluffy down-alternative comforter, guests in As The World Turns all agree that it is the best night’s sleep they ever had.

There are custom features throughout Blackstone Hotsprings — original artwork, handmade doors (from old-growth lumber salvaged from other parts of the building).

as the world turns bath

People come to Blackstone Hotsprings for the Baths and Beds. Your room has a large custom bath that fills with water from the hot spring for unlimited private soaking.

As The World Turns Bath - the largest hot spring bath at Blackstone Hotsprings

The soaking tub in As The World Turns is the largest in-room bath at Blackstone Hotsprings. The geothermal water fills the bath through a beautiful stone waterfall.

as the world turns kitchenette

As The World Turns has a fridge, microwave and coffee bar (stocked with our custom house blend coffee — a rich dark roast). The room also has a flat panel TV with Hi Definition DirecTV, including HBO, Showtime, XM Satellite Radio, and free wireless internet.

as the world turns patio

Our West Wing rooms all have private patios.

king sized bed with luxury bedding in the As The World Turns Suite at Blackstone Hotsprings
photos of As The World Turns cast members in the As The World Turns Suite at Blackstone Hotsprings

I remember how strange it sounded to me (growing up in the 1960s and ’70s) to hear my great-grandmother talk about a “program” that she wanted to “listen” to. In those days, the hip phrase would have been to “watch a show” (meaning black & white TV with rabbit ears).

Now (in 2008), Mama Oma’s daughter, my grandmother, has upgraded to Tivo … it is her new best friend, because she can watch her stories in half of the time. She didn’t have much use for the Tivo buttons until she realized that she could use them to skip the commercials!

When I told my grandmother that we were building an “As The World Turns” room in honor of her and her mother, she brought me a piece of petrified wood from her yard. We built the petrified wood into the waterfall in the As The World Turns bath.

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