Roy Rogers

The Roy Rogers Suite is a wonderful place to get away from outside world — relax, soak and rest. Photographs of an old gas station, a vintage Truth or Consequences image, provide the perfect wild west desert backdrop.

king-sized bed in roy rogers suite at blackstone hotsprings

Because of the luxury king bedding, with plush pillows and a fluffy comforter, guests in the Roy Rogers Suite all agree that it is the best night’s sleep they ever had.

roy rogers bath at blackstone hotsprings

People come to Blackstone Hotsprings for the Baths and Beds. Your room has a large custom tub that fills with water from the hot spring for unlimited private soaking. The tub is easily large enough for two.

There are custom features throughout Blackstone Hotsprings — original artwork, handmade doors (from old-growth lumber salvaged from or parts of the building), and beautifully restored hardwood floors.

roy rogers suite at blackstone hotsprings

The Roy Rogers Suite has a dinette table with 2 chairs next to our photo collection of Roy, Dale Evans, Trigger, and of course Gabby Hayes, to make it feel like home.

roy rogers sitting at blackstone hotsprings

The sitting area includes a coffee table, couch, and comfy chairs.

The kitchenette in the Roy Rogers Suite has a fridge, coffee bar, microwave and sink. In the winter, the kitchen is the perfect spot to have a cup of coffee and wake up.

roy rogers kitchen at blackstone hotsprings

The floors are heated geothermally, and there is nothing like the feeling of warm floors on a cool winter morning.

roy rogers cupboard at blackstone hotsprings

The Roy Rogers Suite has a flat panel TV with DirecTV, including HBO, Showtime, XM Satellite Radio, and free wireless internet.

roy rogers tv at blackstone hotsprings

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