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Blackstone Hotsprings has reopened! Reservations may be booked by New Mexico residents only, for 2 or more consecutive nights.  We no longer allow pets.

Our three outdoor baths are available to guests and non-guests, New Mexico residents only, with a 2-person limit per bath. Payment is no-contact. Towels and bathroom facilities are not available for non-guests, so please come prepared.

Call 575-894-0894 to book rooms or baths.

Operations Policy Spring/Summer 2021


As we cautiously resume limited operations at Blackstone Hotsprings, we are operating as a Private Facility. We are not open to the public as we were before the pandemic began. We no longer accept online bookings.

Blackstone Guest List rules can change at any time. The items below are the most important limitations to consider up front:

– New Mexico residents only for lodging or bathing (18+).
– Mask required at all times except in private spaces.
– Occupancy limit of 2 guests per room or bath.
– One room only per reservation (no groups traveling together).
– Two Night Minimum for lodging.
– No pets or emotional support animals.
– Prepayment required (major credit card – no debit cards).

Guests who stay with us in this time of transition understand that we make and enforce these rules to protect health and safety. And that works out great for our guests who are all about “social distancing” with the one person they are with to enjoy the hotsprings.

Many of our guests eagerly offer to send their CDC Vaccine Record (along with Photo IDs and card used for payment). We do not yet require Covid-19 vaccine records from guests, but as our clientele changes we expect to offer that protection soon.

Families and groups requiring multiple rooms have other options in town that are open to the public as usual without the limitations we must observe at Blackstone.

To guests who are not yet eligible for the Blackstone Guest List, keep checking back as Covid vaccine compliance increases.


PS: As a private facility, we reserve the right to withdraw Guest List privileges from anyone at any time for issues regarding agreements you accept while booking your reservation.

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