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Positions Open at Blackstone

Apply in person between 1 and 4PM Friday 2/11/22 at Blackstone Hotsprings, 410 Austin St., T or C.

Application to be filled out in person. 

Bring Drivers License, SS Card and Covid -19 Vaccine Card showing 3 shots listed & including your the 3rd booster. Must wear mask while at work. 

Hotel Room Attendant Position:

  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Maintenance of 3 outdoor baths – sanitizing and cleaning as often as every 50 minutes
  • Phone reservations when trained
  • On-the-job training provided
  • Employees must follow employee handbook policies
  • Probation period and training for the first 30 days, performance review at 90 days

Applicants should not have vacations or trips planned soon after starting.

Employees must test for COVID after either a) attending large gatherings b) leaving town. Return to work will be dependent upon proof of negative test results. 

Full Time $15 per hour. Time-and-a-half holiday pay. Year-end holiday bonus.  One week paid vacation at the end of year one. 

Help with Medical insurance & school is negotiable. 

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